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Innovative procedure for eyebrows, eyelids and lips!

Safe nano-dust technique
with a natural effect for 6 to 36 months!

Nano-dust «Biolique Professional»

A unique novelty from the USA, which has no age or physiological restrictions, and provides customers a guaranteed result.

Perfect for eyebrows, eyelids and lips

Now you can create powdery eyebrows, an ombre effect on the eyebrows and lips, as well as soft shade on the eyelids.

For any age and skin type

Nano-dusting stains the skin evenly for the desired period.

Better than microblading and tattooing

Nano-dust is a new trend towards perfect and natural eyebrows and lips.

1. Safe and non-traumatic technique

The procedure is carried out only in the upper skin layers, so blood vessels are not injured, avoiding crust and edema. The color persists up to 90%.

2. Natural effect for 6 to 36 months

You choose the intensity and durability yourself - depending on the number of layers, a greater color depth and effect duration can be achieved.

3. Just 45 minutes for the procedure

Depending on the chosen skin area, nano-dusting is conducted for 15 to 45 minutes. Requires only one extra correction, after one month, to achieve the ideal result.

Before and after

stunning effect for the eyes, eyelids and lips

Natural eyebrows

The more layers we apply - the richer and steadier effect will be.

More photo

Shading and shooters for eyes

Spraying on the area between the lashes will make your eyes more expressive for a long time.

More photo

Tender lips

Watercolor and lip stick effects can be achieved because of nano-spraying.

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How the procedure is coming

In this video you’ll receive an overview of Biolique Professional nano-spraying technique and possibilities.

Each master can learn the procedure, even without medical education.

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The range of tools for nano-dusting

here you can find everything you need for the procedure

Includes everything needed for the procedure

Nano Dust technique starter set
550 $

Nano dust filled technique eyebrow eyeliner lip tattoo machine "Biolique Professional".

Nano Dust Technique Eyebrow Eyeliner Lip Tattoo Machine "Biolique Professional"
283,65 $

5 pigments for lips (5 mL), 5 pigments for eyebrow (5 mL), 1 pigment for eyelids (5 mL), 1 Pigment BP 100 Color Mixer (5 mL). All pigments can be bought by the piece!

Pigments set
«Biolique Professional»
212,75 $

Artificial material for training.

Practice tattoo skin
7,15 $

Helps master to locate and to choose the right shape and contour for the pigment application.

Eyebrow divider
11,85 $

Convenient stand (исправить на holder) for 5 caps with pigments.

Pigments cup holder (mini)
11,85 $

50 pieces in kit.

Capacities for pigment (mini)
2,35 $

Convenient stand for 5 caps with pigments.

Pigments cup holder
11,85 $

The sterile packaging, 50 pieces in kit.

Disposable sterile needles
29,55 $

The sterile packaging, 50 pieces in kit.

Disposable sterile tips for Tattoo Machine
29,55 $

The sterile packaging, 50 pieces in kit.

Disposable sterile needles 3R
29,55 $

The sterile packaging, 50 pieces in kit.

Disposable sterile tips 3R for Tattoo Machine
29,55 $
Skin restoration and nourishment after tattooing gel «Biolique Professional»
0,75 $

Pigment palette for nano-dusting

Biolique is Perfection

№102 Dark Grey
17,75 $
№103 Blond
17,75 $
№104 Basic
17,75 $
№105 Brunet
17,75 $
№106 Dark Chocolate
17,75 $
№107 Chestnut
17,75 $
№108 Hazelnut
17,75 $
№109 Coconut
17,75 $
№201 Caramel
17,75 $
№202 kiss
17,75 $
№203 Pink
17,75 $
№204 Lollipop
17,75 $
№205 Rose
17,75 $
№301 Orange
17,75 $
№303 Cherry
17,75 $
№306 Hot Pink
17,75 $
№101 Black
17,75 $
№304 Violet
17,75 $
№307 Dark Green
17,75 $
№302 White
17,75 $
Color mixer
17,75 $

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Обучение нано-напылению

ближайшие даты: 10, 11 и 25 октября

20 000 ₽

без покупки набора

  • Презентация процедуры
  • Мастер-класс по технике
  • Постановка руки
  • Отработка на латексе
  • Практика на модели
  • 7-8 часов
  • Посмотреть программу
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